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Nepal Mountain travel – Best of Himalayan Adventure Travel Get to know us: Nepal Mountain travel ‘Adrift Adventures Pvt. Ltd.’ is a flagship company that represents a group of tour & outdoor companies with over a decade of extensive experience in Nepal’s tourism industry. The company, fully owned & operated by Nepalese professionals has led tourist visitors on adventure holidays through some of the most rugged & remote mountainous regions of the Himalayan country of Nepal; & we all enjoy our work right to the hilt. ‘Nepal Mountain travel’ is an expert seasoned outdoor operator that offers some of the most thrilling experiences in the raw wilderness across some of the most remote & beautiful terrain in the world. Our ‘Pure Adventure’ trips cut across of-the-beaten-trails & extend into pure white water rafting ventures on some of the wildest rivers in Nepal ever imagined. Our sister companies ‘Nepal River’& ‘Nepal Mountain Travel & Tours’ with Adrift adventures Nepal playing a lead role; conducts a host of over 600 holiday categories that begin in Nepal & extend throughout the axis of the Himalayas that also make up Tibet & Bhutan. Our assortment of holidays include: 4 season outdoor breaks, cultural tours, historical excursions, classic countryside walks, treks on off-the-beat-trails, go-wild river rafting, kayaking, remote wilderness treks, overland tours, visiting exclusive heritage sites, thrilling mountain bike tours, spiritual tours, cozy home stays, practical volunteer programs, unique jungle safaris, all domestic & international ticketing services, yoga & meditation with spa therapies & reliable transportation services throughout the Himalayas. Our special prices can cope with any level of tourists that even extends to the budget & shoe-string backpacker & the discerning traveler from any corner of the globe. Our programs across Nepal & into Tibet and Bhutan are led by talented and professional tour guides who not only know their jobs well but also enjoy it thoroughly. Our guides are well versed on the trials that come on the trails & the rivers & possess extensive knowledge on the destinations you choose. The guides enlisted on our payrolls are highly trained & most of them were born on the mountains & are highly experienced and can save lives if & when required. Nepal Mountain travel is a skilled outdoor operator dealing in ‘pure adventure’ programs with offices based in all of the prime tourist locations throughout Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan to give our esteemed clients flawless services wherever necessary if needed. The company has been organizing slick pocket group trekking and adventure travel vacations since 2000. Established in 2000, our professional team of guides and office staff know how important it is to ensure that our guests get the best in added value for the money they spend for holidays that have meaning & purpose. Adrift Adventures is one of Nepal’s leading adventure travel companies offering practical itineraries on programs throughout Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan. The company has been operating small group trekking and adventure travel holidays and vacations since its establishment till today. We are well known for ground breaking Responsible Tourism initiatives. We offer more than 600 independent itineraries; limited group active adventures and expeditions, cycling and walking tours and cultural journeys that give you meaningful sense of the holiday you have enjoyed. Each of our itineraries has several scheduled departure dates throughout the season. Our inclusive, no hidden extras pricing factors combined with longer, inspired itineraries and the use of quality ground services attracts tourists who have high expectations of their travel experiences. Why it’s important that you Travel with Nepal Mountain travel ? We have operational bases around the entire Himalayan region throughout Nepal, Tibet & Bhutan. This ensures that we can provide high quality trips of excellent value with no hidden extras. Our trips are all inclusive, so there is little need to pay for anything once your trip commences until its conclusion.

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Our hands-on approach and years of experience has ensured a safety record that’s comparable to the best as we’ve pioneered some of the most unique activities in the adventure market place today. Adrift Adventures has been seriously committed to responsible travel and true sustainability since we began in the year 2000 when we established our beliefs and stated ideal which was to “take only photographs and leave only footprints”. Almost over a decade of adventure travel has proved the positive conservation outcomes when travel is managed for sustainability. We believe a responsible, long-term image can deliver true sustainability and with the participation of all our clients and business partners the challenge is being met and achieved. An example of this commitment to sustainability has been our efforts to protect the forests of Nepal. This has involved changing a deep-rooted culture of burning wood for fuel. Adrift Adventures has initiated a change to kerosene as an alternative to wood on all trekking expeditions that we organize in Nepal. We do not have camp fires and we strongly discourage trekkers from buying wood-fueled hot showers in lodges along the trail. As a firm supporter of the International Porter Protection Group (IPPG) we are also sensitive to porter protection by providing a good working wage for all of our Nepalese staff, food and extra clothing for those working above the tree line, life insurance cover and emergency helicopter insurance. Our benevolent programs ensure we ‘give something back’ to our people. Our current initiative is a ‘Community Holiday Program’. The concept behind our Community Program of Travel trips is based on the culture of “travel with a purpose”. It is a range of small group adventures, each about two weeks in length, whereby participants commit four to five days of their holiday to making a difference to a community in need. A real & true Holiday Experience – is always at the heart of all our adventures … An adventure travel holiday is about experience. Whether viewing Everest, the world’s highest mountain, from a trek to Base Camp in Nepal, witnessing the magic of the Annapurna Himalayas or enjoying in the festivities of a Deepawali street party in Kathmandu or sitting amongst the village folks in some remote outpost of towering mountains, we aim to capture the spirit of this experience on our adventure travel holidays. Our adventure tours are about discovery, personal achievement & companionship. They will challenge, inspire and flirt with all your senses. Traveling the paths less trodden, visiting remote communities, old sites and spectacular landscapes are synonymous with Nepal Mountain travel… You get the best of two different worlds, the world you know & the world you don’t. Our passion and expertise has ensured that we continually update and refine our programmes, taking adventure travel to new heights. We make sure that your journeys & your holidays are as individual as you are to meet your expectations to the highest levels to give you holidays that are fulsome. Of identical importance are our local guides who ensure that someone with a complete understanding of regional conditions and culture leads your trip. We have trained group leaders in all our operations. For some, an adventure travel holiday means trekking in the Himalayas, for others it is a cultural journey into Bhutan or Lhasa. We split our adventures into various mixes to help you navigate your way to the right adventure experience that suits your requirements. From introductory graded treks to advanced mountaineering, our Active Adventures feature more practical, tent based trekking holidays to the world’s most remote wilderness destinations. Our Journeys of Discovery expose adventure travel holidays that feature carefully planned itineraries that offer less physical activity during the day, more dedicated cultural excursions and comfortable accommodations at night. Journeys as individual as you are … While we offer an extensive range of adventure travel programmes, we recognize that they may not suit your personal requirements. We regularly custom-tailor holidays for families, friends, charities, schools and special-interest groups. Our dedicated staff will work with you, using their expertise and experience to help make your ultimate adventure a reality. Our sister company ‘Nepal Rivers Raft ’, a leading white-water rafting company will give you Safe white water rafting on some of Nepal’s wildest rivers, filled with wild fun and delivered by true experts at great prices. The best raft and camp equipment is available with us for the convenience of our guests. There are many Great reasons to travel with us, just browse our collection of hand-picked Nepal holidays and Nepal tours & then enquire and book direct with a specialist Nepal tour operator. Our Nepal holidays are for travelers wanting to experience the real Nepal. We believe that there is no substitute for experience and in booking with Adrift Adventures, you can be sure that you are joining a holiday that has been thoroughly researched and personally assessed for its style and quality. We are zealous about wild places and adventurous travel. At the core of our business is a spirit and enthusiasm to explore and journey through the wild places of Nepal; a willingness to share such experiences with others; and to realize the positive socio-economic and environmental benefits of sustainable tourism. Our mission is to be Nepal’s leading provider of inspiring and sustainable high quality adventure travel experiences; raising the bar and setting the standards for how adventure tour operators around Nepal should operate. Become a member of the ‘Adrift Adventures’ family & drift into the world you’ve never known, a world that promises holidays made of dreams as you not only discover the unknown from the known, but also discover the amazing abilities & attitudes of the real ‘YOU’. In pursuing our mission, Adrift Adventures seeks to fulfill the following objectives: 1. Sustainability & Responsibility – to create a model business with an on going commitment to the principles of sustainable and responsible tourism. Through this model, we aim to make a positive and lasting contribution to the communities’ and wilderness environments in which we conduct our business activities. 2. Knowledge and Passion – to provide clients with an unforgettable experience of wilderness and wild places, applying our knowledge, expertise and passion. 3. Excellence in customer service – to provide clients with an outstanding level of service from start to finish. In addition to knowledge and passion, our services will be defined by expertise and attention to detail throughout your holidays when booked with us. 4. High quality and added value – to deliver a high quality and added value service through partnership working, with particular regard to community based tourism. 5. Innovation – to provide clients with a wide and varied holiday experience in the wild places and wilderness locations. To seek continuous innovation in product, service and business practice which is clearly differentiated. 6. Performance – to foster a progressive, entrepreneurial, professional and team based work environment and achieve sustainable business growth to the benefit of all stakeholders in the business. Some Great reasons why you should travel with us. Learn how ‘Adrift Adventures’ uniquely cares for its guests: *Knowledge and Passion – we provide you with an unforgettable experience of wilderness and wild places, applying our knowledge, expertise and passion. *Excellence in customer service – we strive to provide you with an outstanding level of service from start to finish. In addition to knowledge and passion, our service will be defined by expertise and attention to detail throughout your journeys with us. *High quality and added value – we aim to deliver a high quality and added value service through partnership working, with particular regard to community based tourism. *Innovation – we provide you with a wide and varied holiday experience in the wild places and wilderness locations. We seek continuous innovation in product, service and business practice which is clearly differentiated. Explore the incredible historical and cultural highlights of China and Tibet. Walk in the footsteps of ancient ancestors along the Mount Kailash Mountains as you come face-to-face with the gods. Stand in the renowned Squares of Patan and Bhaktapur & enter into The Forbidden Temple of Pashupatinath. In Tibet, embark on a journey to the highest region on earth, with an elevation of 4,900 meters (16,000 ft). Often referred to as the” roof of the world,” Tibet presents a fascinating culture based in spirituality and nature. From the exquisite temples and monasteries to the Yangtze River and adorable Pandas, adventurous holidays with Adrift Adventures will satisfy all your cultural cravings. Please visit our highly informative website for some of the most extensive information on some of the most thrilling holidays ever conceived. Just click us on and .

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On August 2, 2015, Ncell reached out to the people of Nepal, asking them to submit videos depicting the most beautiful aspects of the country. This film is a collection of some of the best entries we received and is a collaboration of Nepali people to showcase how beautiful the country still is despite the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015.Special thanks to all the contributors. Here is the #VideoForNepal!

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